Top five anti-aging tips

By July 17, 2018Health Tips

Aging is inevitable, but there’s a lot you can do to keep a beautiful skin no matter your age.

#1. Use Safe Cosmetics On Your Face
The first thing you should do to preserve your skin is to make sure that everything you put on your face and body is safe.

Most women use dozens of skincare and beauty products on their skin every day, including foundation, concealer, bronzer, primer, mascara, lipstick, blush, highlight, eyeliner, eye shadow, moisturizers, toners, face creams, perfumes, body mist, cleansers, masks, and scrubs.

Most commercial makeup and skincare products contain a significant amount of chemicals that serve as preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, and fragrances.

Some of these chemicals can damage your skin because they contain irritants, it triggers allergies, creates free radical damage, clogs your pores, and over dry your skin.

To stay safe, read labels and choose brands and products that are made with natural and safe ingredients you recognize.

#2. Make Sleep A Priority
Sleeping well every night might be more effective at fighting aging than any expensive treatment.

During sleeping, your body goes through a process of cell regeneration and repair that gets rid of dead cells, triggers the growth of new cells, and helps your skin produce more collagen, which keeps it tight and firm.

Sleeping well also helps to reverse some of the damage your skin might have received during the day.

#3. Reduce Stress
Stress can trigger and worsen skin conditions, damage cells, and speed up cellular aging. This means that stress can make your skin more vulnerable to external damage and decrease its ability to remain hydrated and plump.

To handle your stress, we recommend meditation, yoga and doing more of what you love – whether it’s listening to music, writing, drawing, or dancing.

#4. Drink Plenty Of Water
Your skin looks supple and plump only when your skin cells have plenty of water.

When you’re young, your skin can absorb and store water easily, but as you age, your skin begins to lose its ability to retain moisture, leading to the dry and dull-looking skin.

Drinking plenty of water every day helps to counter balance the loss of moisture retention as you age.

#5. Exercise
If you want to slow down the effects of natural aging, move your body.

Exercise is not only good for your internal organs; it will help you keep a youthful skin as well.

Exercise improves circulation, which helps your skin cells do their job much better. This lets you enjoy beautiful and vibrant skin.

The circulatory benefits of exercise also help to remove waste from the cells much faster, which prevents damage.