Join our Neil Armayan Family!

Be a Neil Armayan Product Advisor (NAPA) today.

Neil Armayan is now opening its doors to those who are keen to join us as NAPA. Whether you’re an existing product user who would like to share the good news with family and friends or a newcomer to our exciting products, the NAPA programme allows you to earn a good side income. By combining your selling skills and network with our premium products, you are poised to make a generous amount of additional income.

At Neil Armayan, we have dedicated in-house managers who will guide you in product knowledge supported by our available marketing tools to help you promote and sell better.


Why should I sign up?

  • Sell an industry-leading revolutionary beauty product which has an unlimited customer base.
  • Earn commission on every sale.
  • Expand your business network and product portfolio with a proven product
  • Our promotions and incentives are designed to help you promote and sell better

Who are your potential customers?

Anyone, particularly women who want to look good and feel confident. They could be home makers, working women, students, professional women, company executives etc. Now you can also sell to men who want their partners and wives to look good.  Skincare should be an essential daily routine for everyone. NAPAs should be ready to highlight that looking good, feeling good will enhance self-confidence, self-esteem and could even lead to higher status in life.

What benefits can I get as a NAPA?

Neil Armayan is an enterprising and expanding company with good experience in the beauty care industry. More importantly, you will be selling our new and in-demand products. As a NAPA, you get to share our experience and training in product knowledge and assisted by our marketing tools.

Our community of NAPAs help each other on their journey together. By sharing their individual experience and providing advice in their day-to-day dealings, NAPAs will find it comfortable and easy to create their own loyal customer base.

NAPAs are rewarded for their performance based on business volume and productivity. NAPAs enjoy performance bonuses, cash and incentives and retail mark-up on items sold to customers. The aim is that our NAPAs can achieve flexibility and financial security.

Interested? Apply to be a NAPA