An overview of the company

Neil Armayan is an expanding company in the beauty care industry.

Neil Armayan originally started off by operating several beauty spas in Malaysia and Thailand. From the experience gained in helping its beauty spas clients looked good and felt good and along with the insight and knowledge gained in using skincare and other beauty products, the seed of moving into the skincare industry itself was germinated. It has now taken root.

Initially, in the search for more original and better quality treatment products for the clients at the spas, the Company collaborated with a renowned South Korean cosmetic laboratory headed by a group of chemists specializing in dermatology to create research-based products suited to a variety of skin types. Appreciating our efforts and our products, several clients suggested that we moved into beauty products.

With these feedbacks and encouragement from our customers, we decided to work with our South Korean laboratories to create products which our customers can use from the comforts of their own homes. In essence, this is how we migrated from beauty spas to beauty and skincare products.

Making waves

The marketing, advertising and publicity of Neil Armayan products comprise of many activities. The promotion of Neil Armayan products were widescale with product ambassadors doing promotional roadshows and launching events via various media outlets.

Our product ambassadors include Channel 7’s leading actor “Stefan” Thasit Sinkanawiwat. They share their experience using Neil Armayan’s products during these nationwide roadshows.

“I actually went through the whole process, trying out each and every one of the products and experienced/witnessed the remarkable results myself.”

J'zelynn Simmons Malaysia's famous singer and actress

Neil Armayan sponsoring beauty pageant event.

Neil Armayan sponsoring more than RM55,000 worth of skincare and age reverse treatment vouchers for lucky Starwalkers. Read more…

The Team Behind Neil Armayan

Neil Armayan is led by a team of professionals, each industry leaders in their own right. Neil Armayan’s management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that steers the company’s direction.

Terence Neoh is Neil Armayan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is responsible for the overall management and business of the Company, working with the Global Business Advisor and a team of Regional Directors as well as local business partners and associates. Terence has been with the Company from the onset.

Terence holds a Bachelor’s degree from Monash University majoring in Accounting, Banking and Fianance. He has also previously worked for and an International Audit, Tax and Advisory Services Company in Kuala Lumpur.

Terence communicates in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Tan Herh joined the Neil Armayan family as Marketing Manager during year 2018. He is involved in developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for Neil Armayan. Apart from that, he is also acting as a contact person for local agents and representatives.

Tan Herh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management from Staffordshire University and has been involved in Sales and Marketing for more than 7 years in retail and consultancy companies.

Dr. Vincent Kong is currently the company’s Global Business Advisor and has been with the company since its inception. Dr Vincent is primary responsible for the company’s international and all its overseas business ventures and expansion as well as the company’s corporate strategy, planning, and overall business management and operations.

Dr. Vincent Kong had held various senior executive positions with major global and Asian corporations over the last 30 years. Among some of the positions he previously held were, CEO of 6One5 Pte Ltd, Australia, President of IGA International, President of IGA-Coca Cola Training Institute, USA. CEO of Wholesome Foods Industries Sdn Bhd, Managing Director of BV Retail International ,Cambodia, and was also Director of the Singapore Retailer Association.

Dr Vincent received his BA (Hons) from University of Essex, Mater of Science from University of Buckingham and his PhD from York University.

Ms Ji Yoon, Lee is the Head of Operations in Korea. She oversees the management and operations of Neil Armayan there. A successful entrepreneur with experience in many fields, Ms Lee is a highly sought after consultant for her professional expertise and business insights.

Ms Lee is a Director in Overseas Trading Dept., Neilarmayan Co., Ltd (Korea). She is also a Director of Administration in Syntecbio Co., Ltd (USA) and the CEO of Seven Mountain Co., Ltd (Korea).

Mr Ho Jun, Lee is the Head of Operations in Vietnam. He oversees the management and operations of Neil Armayan here. He is truly well-versed in the local culture and has gain significant success in his ventures here.

Besides also being a Director in Neilarmayan Co., Ltd (Vietnam), Mr. Lee is also the Managing Director of LG Telecom Co.,Ltd (Korea), the Managing Director of Cyberbank Co., Ltd (Korea), and a Director in Leehanforwith Co., Ltd (Japan).

Future Plans

Plans are on the drawing board to open concept stores and kiosks across South East Asia to bring our Neil Armayan’s Product Advisors closer to our beloved customers. By doing so, our Product Advisors can better serve and assist our customers in using the right Neil Armayan products for their daily health and skincare routines.