Why is Biosol important to your health

The importance of using Biosol, a prebiotic feminine hygiene wash with honey.

The modern lifestyle, hectic work schedule and increased out of home movement and social activities, all these changes in today’s women’s life emphasized on the importance of feminine hygiene. Maintaining appropriate feminine hygiene for intimate area is one of the significant factors that plays role in every aspect of female reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life.

However the intimate region of female has natural self-cleaning system, but this natural system needs to be supported with proper intimate hygiene practices.

The woman today do follow some feminine hygiene practice for their intimate area but sadly majority of them either doing it wrong or not doing enough. And that is the reason a significant number of women do suffer with one or more vaginal related problems like abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation or itching, vaginal dryness, unnatural vaginal odour.

It is, therefore, recommended to take proper care for intimate hygiene top prevent against vaginal infection. Toilet borne disease like vulvo-vaginitis which is caused by candida fungi, bacteria species and trichomonas are quite common with the women who are involved in out of home activities and they use public or common toilets. If you are involved with activities where you use common toilets then using Biosol feminine hygeine wash can help you prevent from infection.

Diseases such as vulvo-vaganities can lead to more severe infection of the reproductive system such as pelvic inflammatory disease. Any existing infection in the intimate area can make you vulnerable to acquire HIV. If you have infection in the intimate area and when you are involved in unprotected sexual activity, then there is an increased risk of contracting HIV infection.

Biosol can also prevent discomforts associated to vaginal infections such as vaginal itching, irritation, burning, and sticky sensation. In more serious cases, a vaginal infection can lead to infection in the reproductive system which can cause infertility. There are scientific reports which have proven that a vaginal infection can be one of the causes of infertility. It is observed that every case of pelvic inflammatory disease increase the chances infertility by 30%.

Pregnancy is one of the delicate stages and the chances of acquiring infection in intimate area are higher in pregnancy than any other stage. The infection in intimate area during pregnancy is one of the commonest causes of abortion in later stage of pregnancy.

It is therefore important that your intimate area is not neglected and is instead properly cared for with Biosol.